Here Are 5 Reasons Why Metal Might Be the Right Roofing Material for You

Roof installation, repair or replacement is a costly affair. On the other hand, your home’s quality and longevity highly depend on your roofing system. Hence, investing ample time in considering your choice of roofing material is crucial.

Presently, the market offers a variety of over ten roofing materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Metal roofs are slowly becoming the norm of the day. Numerous homeowners now favor metal roofing for its multiple benefits. Some of them are listed below:


A durable and sturdy roof is every homeowner’s dream. Metal roofs excel in durability, withstanding diverse weather and strong winds. Additionally, metal roofs can resist mold, mildew, rust and even fire.


The upfront cost of metal roofing is quite expensive, but the lower maintenance costs make all the difference. At the same time, metal roofs last longer than all other roofing materials.


The appearance of your roof is as important as its performance. Getting a roof that matches the architectural choice of your exterior brings a perfect appeal to your home. With metal roofs, you’re spoilt for choice as far as versatility and design are concerned.

Energy Efficiency

Energy cost is becoming a growing concern for many homeowners. Installing metal roofs helps you with considerable energy savings. This is because they reflect solar heat, reducing the need for AC in hot summers. Choosing a metal roof doesn’t only offer a greener environment but also saves on your energy bills.

Easy to Install

One of the significant benefits of metal roofing is its speed and ease of installation. The length, size proportion and width of metal roofing materials make them easy to handle. Metal roofing is available in lightweight panels ranging from 12 to 36 inches in width, making installation easier.

Installing metal roofs might be easy, but a professional needs to do the work. For the best results in your metal roofing project, contact Monarch Roofing for a free estimate.